Add CSIC VPN connection in Forticlient


This article describes the procedure to add in the Forticlient where we have configured our ICMAB VPN connection another additional connection to the CSIC VPN.

In this way we can have a connection that will allow us to access the services provided by the CSIC by VPN in case the ICMAB VPN does not work. If the ICMAB VPN works, all the CSIC VPN services are accessible through the ICMAB VPN.

We open the Forticlient and in the upper right part we add a new connection:


Once the connection is added, we configure it as follows:

We save the changes and when we go to login, we can select the VPN to which we want to connect:

Remember that the access data to the CSIC VPN are the same as to access the CSIC intranet, not the access data to the ICMAB VPN.
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