Connect to Remote Desktop in Tunnel Mode

Once we are connected with the FortiClient to the ICMAB VPN:

(NOTE:-> Connections instructions in this article:

We have to open a remote desktop connection application to connect to sciencia2. These applications come installed by default in Windows operating systems, but we will have to install them ourselves if we have a Linux or a Mac.


In the name of the team we have to put: As username we have to put our domain user in this way: ICMAB-CSIC \ username and as password the same one that we use to access email.

NOTE: -> In the event that we connect to a different equipment from sciencia2 (authorized by the IT department) we would use the same format.

Click on Connect:

NOTE: -> The first time we can get a notice that there is no client certificate. We mark the option that you do not tell us again.

We get the Desktop of sciencia2:


In addition to being able to use the installed software, we can see our network drive Z: \\ if we go to Computer:

RDP Home
And we can search our network folders, within the network on the server:

RDP Neolabs

NOTE: -> When we finish working it is important that we close the session from the Windows button -> Close session:

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