New ICMAB VPN September 2019

From September 2019, a new VPN will be operational for ICMAB users based on Fortinet technology, which will coexist with the one we currently have based on Pulse Secure technology.

The current VPN based on Pulse Secure technology will cease to be operational in the future, according to CSIC licensing and maintenance policies, so all users who use VPNs are recommended to test and install Fortinet-based VPN.

Unlike the previous one, in the new ICMAB VPN we have two modes of operation:

a) Web mode.
b) Tunnel mode.

In the first one (Web Mode) it is not necessary to perform any installation on the device and the user can connect from a browser. In addition, bookmarks can be created to the URLs and remote resources that are needed (for example remote desktops).

The second one (Tunnel Mode) is similar to the current form of operation, in which a client has to be installed on the user's equipment. Once the user and password have been installed and entered, remote resources can be accessed with the applications installed on the user equipment (for example, a remote desktop client).


To use the web mode, just open a browser and enter one of the following URLs:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 1
We will have to enter the ICMAB access credentials (the same ones we use to access email or network equipment). Once we have entered we will see the main screen of the VPN where we can find the following elements:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 2
In the upper part we can see a drop-down to download the Forticlient client (only necessary for tunnel mode). If you want to install the tunnel mode, it is recommended not to download it from this location and instead use the version available on this link:

In the central part we see a set of default bookmarks that have been created by default for all VPN users (these bookmarks may vary over time). The user can add their own bookmarks in the New Bookmark button. The following article shows how to add a bookmark of a new URL and the connection to the remote desktop SCIENCIA2:

Finally, at the bottom we can see a history of user connections.


To use tunnel mode, we must first download the Forticlient client for our operating system:

NOTE: -> Remember that it is compressed in zip format, so before installing it is necessary to decompress it. Once decompressed we launch the executable and see how the installation begins:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 3
On the next screen we accept the license and click on the following button:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 4
In the installation options we select only Secure Remote Access and the rest of the options leave them by default:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 5
Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 6
Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 7
Once we click on install, the installation of the FortiClient client will begin:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 8
Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 9
Once the installation is finished we will have access to our Forticlient client created in our operating system. We execute it:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 10
We get the initial screen:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 11
We go to the Remote Access section and configure the connection to the ICMAB with the parameters shown below. Then click on Save:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 15
Now you will ask for our username and password:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 13
If there is no problem, we get a message that we are connected to the ICMAB VPN:

Setup VPN Fortinet agosto2019 14

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