Conecta: CSIC video conference system


In this article we presented the video conference system of CSIC: CONECTA.

Viewer overview

Moderators/presenter overview

You can access the service at the following URL

The use of browsers is recommended:
1. Chrome version 59 (minimum)
2. Firefox version 52 (minimum)

No need to install any specific software

You must have compatible audio / video devices (microphone and webcam), so it is advisable to do a pretest before the video conference.

The first time you access the service, it will be necessary for the user to grant use permissions to the browser on these devices (camera and / or microphone).

The bandwidth of all the participants must be taken into account, in the event that all or most are going to be connected to the webcam emitting a video signal.

For reference, a presentation with medium quality video needs 350 Kbps, if there are 11 (1+10) participants, in total a 3.5 Mbps connection would be necessary in each of the participants' computers, if they all broadcast video.

Normally it is not necessary to see each other, but to see and hear the presentation and the speaker, without the need for the rest of the participants to broadcast video. It is also recommended to have the microphone deactivated when we are listening to the presenter, and only activate it when it is necessary to speak.

If the meeting / event / thesis consists only of an audio conference, or even a "presentation" where only the host shares the video with the rest of the attendees, Bandwidth in these cases should not be a problem, except that let's talk about a Massive event with several hundred or thousands of attendees in each center.


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